Womans galoshes “garden” EVA 2032 (fur)

200 грн.

200 грн.


The goods are sold at RETAIL and WHOLESALE!

Minimum wholesale order – package!

Model 2032

WARNING!!! All prices include self-pickup from Khmelnytsky and 100% prepayment.

Garden galoshes are insulated with faux fur.

Solid cast lower part of the foot, made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).

Garden galoshes are made of very light and waterproof EVA material.

The goods are sold in package!!! The price is shown for a couple !!!

6 pairs In package : 37-38 (1), 38-39 (2), 39-40 (1), 40-41 (1), 41-42 (1)

It is also possible to sell samples EVA is an excellent material for any weather conditions:
-Completely waterproof
-Has the 100th thermal conductivity (retains heat)
-Very elastic (in any weather)

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37, 38, 39, 40, 41, Wholesale (6 pairs)


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