Men’s boots “Thermos” art.1268

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192 грн.
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ATTENTION!!! All prices are based on the pick-up of the cargo from Khmelnitsky, and 100% prepayment.

The product is sale as a package !!! The price is for a pair !!! In package, 6 pairs: 41 (1), 42 (2), 43(2), 44(1), 45(1) 

Versatile variant – from cold and slush

Gloomy autumn … Wet spring … Snowy winter … In the shoes is too damp, and in the rubber boots, the legs simply freeze. You have nothing to go about again? Do not worry: just for such capricious weather and invented demi-season women’s combined boots – snowboots! Why should they be loved?

· First, the top of a dense textile boot – not only protects the legs from the cold, but also looks great in combination with winter clothes.

· Secondly, the lower part closes the foot, made by cast method – from very light, elastic and waterproof modern material EVA – and tightly sewn to the top of the boot.

· And for the additional softness and warmth corresponds to a substrate of artificial fur.

· Women’s snowboats – shoes for those who like to keep their feet warm and dry!


· Men’s boots “Thermos” on man-made fur are:

· Convenient – a special lace allows you to adjust the completeness and density of the fitting of the freebie

· Comfortably – very warm, pleasant, light on the leg

· Stylish – original design and fancy drawings, suitable for a down jacket

EVA – great material for different weather conditions, because it has the following characteristics:

· Completely moisture resistant

· Frost-proof

· Keeps the heat

· Extraordinary ease – 4 times easier than PVC

A refreshed sole will help you feel confident in any kind of ice

· Elasticity, elasticity, flexibility – in any weather

· Excellent depreciation

· High wear resistance

· Hygienic – resistance to bacteria and fungi

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